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Talking Biotech Podcast Changes and Future

New sponsorship will improve the listener experience. Here are some of the changes you'll see with this opportunity.

Feb 13, 2022 by Dr. Kevin Folta in Talking Biotech

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As we enter our eighth year, the podcast is partnering with Colabra, experts in laboratory IT that will help and accelerate your R&D. You won't see changes in content, but you'll see improvements in website, podcast quality, transcripts and other improvements for the listener. I'm grateful for such substantial listenership and the opportunity to have this forum for my passion of sharing science. # COLABRA Talking Biotech is brought to you by Colabra – an R&D platform that brings your lab’s world-changing research together in one shared space. Learn more at # TALKING BIOTECH Twitter: Website: Instagram: The Talking Biotech podcast is distinct from Dr. Kevin Folta's teaching and research roles at the University of Florida. The views expressed on the show are those of Dr. Folta and his guests, and do not reflect the opinions of the university or Colabra.


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