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New Drugs Targeting Dangerous Cholesterol

Specific modifications of cholesterol appear to be central in heart disease, stroke and other disorders. Dr. Matthew "Oki" O'Connor from Underdog Pharmaceuticals speaks about how a cyclical carbohydrate has been modified to potentially reverse these problems that significantly limit lifespan and quality of life.

May 7, 2022 by Dr. Kevin Folta in Talking Biotech

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Heart attack and stroke are leading causes of death worldwide. Current treatments are aimed at prevention-- using various medications to control the health of the circulatory system. This week's podcast speaks with Dr. Oki O'Connor, Co-CEO of Underdog Pharmaceuticals. Dr. O'Connor discusses the cellular basis of atherosclerosis, and how modified cholesterol play a central role in its development. We then discuss the ability of a cyclical carbohydrate called cyclodextrin to sequester cholesterol, and how this company has used computer modeling to modify cyclodextrins to limit and potentially reverse cardiovascular disease. There are also potential ramifications in Alzheimer's Disease prevention and treatment.


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