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Seralini's Lumpy Rats - Ten Years Later

Ten years ago a scientific paper claimed definitive evidence linking genetic engineering to tumors. The study by Giles-Eric Seralini and his team at CRIIGEN stunned the world, and it was amplified through social and traditional media. But was it reproducible? The failure of the work to be replicated by independent teams and never expand beyond the seminal paper is a reminder of how science may be weaponized for political gains. The work caused irreparable damage to the reputation of a technology, and ultimately slowed its deployment to those in need. This week's podcast features the views of many guests as they discuss facets of the paper and its impacts.

Oct 22, 2022 by Dr. Kevin Folta in Talking Biotech

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Ten years ago the biotech world froze and horrific images of three tumor-ridden rats penetrated the media. Social media erupted with messages of fear, and anti-biotech activists celebrated the scientific publication that conclusively linked biotech crops and an associated herbicide to cancer and early death. But at the same time a scientific community noted the shortcomings of the work. Eventually the paper was retracted, and independent research commissioned by the European Union failed to replicate the results. Still 10 years later, the three iconic rodents are used to dissuade the public from accepting biotechnology, and push a false narrative that was codified with the Seralini study. This week's podcast features the views of scientists and journalists, including Dr. Mary Mangan, Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, Jon Entine, Joan Conrow, Michael Robin, Dr. Stuart Smyth, Dr. Myles Power and others. The opinions expressed are those of the individual guests and not necessarily those of Kevin Folta, Colabra, or the University of Florida.


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