How bipharma alliance managers turn chaos into clarity

Colabra transforms how biotechs, CROs and academics work together by moving siloed data and conversations to one shared space.

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We’ve sent the assays you shared last week for testing. Preliminary results attached.

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Any issues with determining the functional potency and efficacy so far? cc @Nettie Stevens

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Project management built for bio

Create tasks in seconds, discuss roadblocks in context, and stay in sync with external partners.

Documents that get science

One place for your most important work, from strategic planning documents to research protocols.

Pathway analysis

Frustrated with SharePoint?

Upgrade from generic, clunky document management software
to a tailor-made biotech alliance management solution.



Generic document management software

  • ✅ Enterprise-ready, SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • ⚛️ FDA/GxP compliant with correct configuration
  • 🐢 Sluggish user interface
  • 😵 Difficult to navigate and train new users
  • 🔍 Limited search capabilities
  • 🤑 Limited, costly file storage
  • ⚙️ Steep learning curve to customize properly


Tailor-made alliance management software

  • ✅ Enterprise-ready, SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • ⚛️ FDA/GxP compliant out of the box
  • ⚡ Blazing fast user interface
  • 🥰 Intuitive, ergonomically designed app
  • 🔍 Advanced AI content and file search
  • 📦 Unlimited, cheap file storage
  • 🧩 Trivial no-code setup and integrations

Leads & alliance managers

Streamline coordination and IP management with your industry and academic partners.

Biotech executives

Stay informed of high-level progress, risks and successes across all ongoing projects.

Business development

Strengthen client relationships and save time better spent on closing new deals.

Notable Labs

“Colabra has the opportunity to accelerate collaborations across industry, startups and some of the most important research organizations on the planet.”

Matt De Silva

Founder, Notable Labs

Your single source of truth

Centralize all your research data, notes and communications.
Manage through an intuitive app, webhooks or API.

Store, organize and edit

Upload 5MB meeting slides or 5TB machine exports.
Group by use case and annotate right in Colabra.

Never ask ‘where’s that doc?’ again

Find projects, tasks, and even files using your own words, with full text content search and Colabra AI.

PDFs mentioning ferredoxin in Chromatium vinosum

Stay secure and compliant

We’re SOC 2 Type 2 certified, GxP aligned, and audited by third-party experts.

Reliability you can count on

Unlimited version history and hourly backups replicated across the globe.

> api your devs will love

$ save engineering time

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Meet your AI Copilot

Translate scattered data into actionable research insights and
transform how you collaborate on meeting notes, protocols and NDAs.

Show me urgent tasks due tomorrow

Search smarter

Apply complex filters in seconds or look up documents, tasks, people and files.

Make an outline of Project X status

I’ve added a summary of project updates from the past week.

Write faster

Summarize, explain jargon and maintain a consistent style with your co-authors.

Which gene is SNP rs1217074595?

Looking up in NCBI, this SNP is associated with LINC01270.

Get answers

Pull data from internal files and trusted sources such as PubChem and NCBI.

🙈  No training on your data

We don’t use your data to train AI models, nor do any of our sub-processors.

Scalable for your entire org

Whether you're an ambitious startup or a global enterprise,
have peace of mind that you won’t outgrow your workspace.

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Close the loop

Subscribe to project activity, assign responsible individuals and define formal approval workflows.

Make it yours

Save custom views that filter thousands of tasks down to those relevant for each use case and stakeholder.

Proteomics deliverables






In progress

Elsie Higgon


PTM mapping


Pathway analysis

A role for everyone

Specify custom permissions to restrict who can do what, with granular precision.


Make logins simpler and more secure through an identity provider of your choice.

Flexible hosting options

Choose custom data residency, a dedicated VPC, or even your own Azure tenant.

Steer your alliances to success

Use Colabra to align all stakeholders and increase
the success rate of your R&D collaborations.