Colabra Method

The better way to do science in the 21st century.

Remote scientific collaboration

At Colabra we believe science can feel magical. Quality of research is driven by both the talent of the people behind it and how they feel while they’re doing it.

Below are the foundational and evolving ideas behind Colabra that will help your do better science.

Create clarity

Think through organizational goals and what parts of the research are critical to reach your milestones. Ensure these milestones are effectively communicated so the individual scientist understands why their work matters.

Iterate quickly

You’ll never have enough information to make perfect decisions, so opt for agility over perfection. Efficiently determine priorities, delegate tasks, and update your direction based on new insights.

Document everything

Scientists should document everything so their research can be reviewed and reproduced. This also allows future scientists to build upon their work and make new discoveries based on their research data.

Share proactively

All data should be fully shared with the research group. This maximizes productivity, minimizes redundant work, and leverages the full cognitive capacity of the team. It also creates a culture of transparency and accountability, which in turn builds trust.

Communicate openly

Instead of sharing something during your next one-on-one or weekly meeting, share the information right now. The faster you get feedback, the faster you make decisions, and the faster you arrive at scientific breakthroughs.

Accrue knowledge

Personal expertise takes time and exposure and is limited to the length of the scientist’s career. The only way to build an organization’s collective knowledge is by allowing for the easy sharing and transfer of individual know-how.