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Colabra raises $1.5 million for its online and mobile scientific collaboration software

This funding round enables Colabra to accelerate the development of its software to bring the scientific method to the 21st century.

By Colabra Team in Colabra HQ

SAN FRANCISCO — Colabra is proud to announce the recent close of an oversubscribed $1.5 million round with Village Global, Builders VC, BoxOne Ventures, Longtail Health Ventures, Inovia Capital, DVC, On Deck, Jude Gomila, among others. This funding will enable Colabra to build out its electronic lab notebook which eliminates inefficiencies in scientific workflows and fosters more innovative research.

"This round will allow us to grow our engineering team and build in data integrations that will enable our users to work with all of their scientific data under a single Colabra interface," said Aoi Senju, CEO of Colabra.

The biggest limitation to the rate of scientific output is that scientific data today is highly disaggregated and unsearchable. This leads to a number of downstream effects, including redundant work, scientific irreproducibility, and slower rates of research progress. The scientific industry has lacked access to modern software to date, because scientific workspaces require integrations with specific equipment and data types, require strict regulations around IP, and the ability to keep records in paper notebooks.

Colabra provides a holistic data integration and collaboration solution, with a web-based and mobile ELN, and the ability to scan and upload physical lab notebooks. Colabra is also building an online community for researchers to share best practices around scientific project management, a resource that is sorely lacking today.

In creating a product specifically for the scientific community, Colabra allows scientists to more accurately communicate data and information to each other. The product allows scientists to find any experiment anyone on their team has done in the past, find all experimental inputs and outputs in one place, and easily build on the work of others. They’re able to integrate various scientific data formats, create protocols, and track experiment workflows. Colabra also complies with a number of regulatory requirements specific to scientific research.

Launched in January, Colabra already counts among its users top research institutions like MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford, and startups across the Bay Area, in fields spanning from biofuels to longevity.

About Colabra

Colabra is a data integration and collaboration tool for scientific teams that increases research efficiency and inspires new research. Colabra is backed by Village Global (a VC backed by Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, and other prominent entrepreneurs), Builders VC, Inovia Capital, BoxOne VC, On Deck Runway Fund, Longtail Health Ventures, Duro Ventures, Jude Gomila, and others.


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