New experiment view & import

Jun 27, 2021

New experiment view

New experiment view

When you create a new experiment, you'll be greeted with a selector that lets you choose between an empty page or the default experiment template (Purpose, Equipment, Materials, Procedure). The ability to create custom templates shared across your workspace is coming in the next update!

Experiment import

Word, Google Docs and Dropbox Paper import

The new experiment view also allows you to import project/experiment summaries and experimental templates from your favourite text editor. We currently support import from doc, text and markdown files, with support for more formats and sources coming later.

Embed block

Embed block

Due to popular requests, we've added a universal embed block to Colabra which lets you integrate any link or iframe right into your project or experiment summary. This could be a PDF, a Sheet, a Google Calendar or, say, an Altium PCB design.

Note: Please consult with your lab's compliance department to make sure your embeds are in line with FDA CFR Part 11 requirements.


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