Sidebars, emoji, LaTeX, Updates, comment improvements

Oct 11, 2021

New user experience


We've redesigned the full core user experience of Colabra based on your feedback! You can now quickly access all of your projects in a familiar sidebar on the left, and review and edit project & experiment metadata in a new sidebar on the right of the editor.

Science emoji

Emoji and reactions

Just because it's work, doesn't mean there shouldn't be any fun! You can now insert emoji anywhere in Colabra by typing : or /emoji. You can also react with emoji on any comment to let others know how you feel or that you've read their feedback.

Updates inbox

We've moved notifications from a popup into a separate Updates view which gives you a birds-eye view of everything that happened since you last accessed Colabra.

Comment improvements

In addition to reactions, comments now support full styling, as well as image embeds and file attachments.LaTeXWe've added support for KaTeX inline and block equations for all your mathematical needs.Fixes and improvements

  • Embed blocks can now be resized (short, medium, tall)
  • Added YYYY-MM-DD date format (now default)
  • All tooltips now follow user's date format setting
  • Relative dates <1min now display correctly
  • Timezone is now automatically set during onboarding
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance upgrades

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