Protocols, tags, mentions, image editor, bookmarks

Nov 22, 2021

Protocol version tree


One of the top-requested features is here — in additional to regular experimental templates, you can now create step-by-step protocols shared at the workspace level, and embed them within your experiments.

Protocols are versioned and cannot be edited after publication. This makes it easy to keep track of the changes made to them over time, and find experiments using a particular version of the SOP.

Project and experiment tags


You can now add tags to your projects, experiments and even individual images. What's more, these tags can be assigned a colour, unit and value, and all three can be governed at the workspace level to ensure data consistency across the whole lab.

Drag & drop experiment blocks

Drag & drop editor blocks

You can now drag and drop any block within your experiment, making it easy to organize and present your research insights with maximum clarity.

User mentions


You can now mention other workspace member within your project and experiment summaries, as well as in comments. This will send them a notification and subscribe them to future updates.


You can now bookmark frequently accessed projects, protocols and experiments for one-click access from your Colabra sidebar. Bookmarks are personal to your account, not shared across the workspace.

Full-screen image viewer and editor

You can now click any image to view it full screen, check its metadata, add a caption, or tag it. Click the edit button to open a full-fledged editor that allows you to crop the image, adjust its colours, and even annotate it with additional information.

New integrations

Based on popular requests, we've added two new embed integrations:

  • Tableau charts
  • Deepnote Jupyter notebook cells

Penetration test

We've completed a third-party penetration test as part of our SOC 2 Type 2 certification and implemented solutions to potential security vulnerabilities found by the third-party audit firm.

Fixes and improvements

  • Pasting cells from Excel now correctly inserts a table, not an image
  • Improved typography across the app for readability and performance
  • Improved timestamp block
  • Recent history tab for special character input
  • Pressing Delete before an equation now correctly removes it
  • It is now possible to remove an emoji reaction by clicking it a second time
  • Equation input no longer starts with an error message
  • Moved project summary into a separate tab
  • Improved inline code formatting
  • Disabled spell check in code blocks
  • Alphabetic ordering of projects in the sidebar
  • Updating name in Activity logs when the user changes their name
  • Collapsing an embed blocks to a link now works as expected
  • Activity log now respects the user's preferred date format
  • You can now press Ctrl + Enter to submit a comment

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