Signatures, human IDs, milestones, typography

Feb 1, 2022

Witness & review


You can now set experiment status to In review to collect digitally encrypted signatures from your collaborators, Principal Investigator and other stakeholders. This is crucial for your experimental notes to be admissible in court in case of an IP dispute. Read more at FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance: How to protect your scientific IP.


Experiments can now be assigned to a milestone. You'll soon be able to group and filter experiments based on their milestones, and even more powerful functionality is coming later this year.


We've revamped Colabra's typography to make your documentation more readable, and less prone to errors. Better yet, the web app should now load even faster!Fixes and improvements

  • Added smoother transition after onboarding
  • Removed workspace name step from onboarding
  • Fixed emoji selection modal layout
  • Tooltips now show correct shortcuts on OSX
  • Various bug fixes and significant performance improvements

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