Display options, expiring file links, callout & quote blocks

Mar 28, 2022

Display menu

Experiment list display menu

Experiment lists now have a new Display menu which let you customize the view to your liking.

You can change the attribute used to group the experiments, change the ordering, and even enable or disable individual columns.

For example, you can now hide experiment priority if you're not using the feature, or group the view by assignee for your weekly team progress meeting.

Quote & callout blocks

We've added two new blocks many of you have been asking for.

The quote block lets your quote information from other sources, or just emphasize a paragraph within other text.

The callout block goes even further, letting you highlight improtant messaged with an emoji of your choice.

Expiring image and file links

We've improved the security of Colabra even further by incorporating an expiring links functionality.

Any image or attachment URLs will now expire after a few hours. This ensure that links to sensitive data shared outside of Colabra don't inadvertently make it to people outside your organization.

Fixes and improvements

  • Removed slow page transitions
  • Improved in-app changelog
  • Titles now same size & style when edited
  • The correct workspace now opens after accepting an invite
  • Removed editor toolbar within protocol block
  • Made it impossible to add two of the same tags
  • Added descriptions to protocol version tree
  • Fixed revoking invitations
  • Fixed file upload bug
  • Fixed misaligned table columns
  • Fixed minor embed block XSS vulnerability
  • Design polish and numerous UX improvements

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