Quick find bar, image resizing, human-friendly URLs

Jun 20, 2022

Ctrl + K action bar

Quick find bar & keyboard shortcuts

We've made it easier than ever to find and do what you need in Colabra. Simply press Ctrl + K (⌘ + K on Mac), type what you want to open or achieve, and press enter!

The possibilities are endless, from searching for protocols, printing the experiment summary, navigating to tag governance, or inviting new team members.

You'll see that many of the actions also have keyboard shortcuts you can use to call them directly. For example, try pressing G, B to quickly jump to My bench, or C to create a new experiment your open project.

Image resizing

One of our top requested features — you can now resize large images in your project and experimental summaires! Simply hover the image and click one of the buttons that appear to make the image fit within one half or one quarter of the screen.

URLs with human-friendly IDs

We've replaced the jibberish in Colabra links with clean human-friendly IDs followed by the experiment's name. This is especially handy when sharing Colabra links in Teams or over email.

For example:

Will now be:

Fixes and improvements

  • Streamlined onboarding and accept Invite flow
  • Added subscript (Ctrl + ,) and superscript (Ctrl + .) support to the editor
  • Experiment list display settings should are now saved on a project, not workspace level
  • Added border to workspace logos with white background
  • Added 'No grouping" option to Display menu
  • Showing assignee for completed experiments
  • Tag governance list now ordered by alphabet
  • Added a way to rename and delete milestones
  • Fixed experiment page failing to load
  • Fixed fonts failing to load in some browsers
  • Improved protocol step reordering
  • Fixed adding tags with the same name as a previously removed tag
  • Changed password reset token expiration time to 24 hours
  • Fixed GraphQL introspection injection
  • Polished text editor styles
  • Fixed emoji display in Firefox
  • Disabled activity log events for tasks
  • Numerous speed and stability improvements

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