Filtering, new experiment modal, atom block, and HEX

Aug 8, 2022

Experiment filtering


We've heard you loud and clear — as you add more and more data to your Colabra workspace, you need a way to find the experiments that matter, even if you haven't opened them in a while and can no longer remember the title.

With this powerful new feature, you can filter any experiment (and soon project and protocol) view based on one or more attributes, including status, assignee, owner, priority, milestone, tags, deadlines, last access, and creation dates.

New experiment modal

New experiment modal

We wanted to make it easy as possible for you to fill up your project with new experiments (to test out the new Filtering feature, or plan out all your research in bulk).

So, we've completely revamped the new experiment creation experience with an in-context modal and the handy Create more feature that lets you keep creating new experiments without waiting to redirect after each click.

Atom block

New editor blocks

Like always, we've added several blocks in this release, including to new embeds:

  • embed
  • HEX embed
  • Atom block

Security & compliance

  • Log out on all devices

Fixes and improvements

  • Disable activity log events for tasks
  • Reduced noisy email and in-app notifications
  • Added status dots to mentions
  • Added Timestamp slash command
  • Added project and protocol search based on ID
  • Added an Archived protocol listing
  • Added Templates quick find command
  • Fixed new tag input sometimes not showing up in settings
  • Showing onboarding on future logins if not completed
  • Added a way to rename, delete milestones
  • Fixed days to due date timezone bug
  • Fixed basic unicode emoji not showing up as graphics
  • You can now Tab to indent in text editor
  • Fixed image menu not being visible inside tables
  • Redesigned date separator block
  • Fixed suspended users appearing in @mention list
  • Added a tooltip to collaborators counter
  • Embedded protocols are now be collapsible
  • Fixed avatars not showing up in the mention selector
  • Fixed page disappearing after pasting long text documents
  • Fixed github URL embedding
  • Fixed duplicating experiments from My bench
  • Fixed handling of emoji in names and titles
  • Adding a line-break after embed blocks created by pasting a link
  • Fixed dragger appearing during template selection
  • Fixed default view redirects
  • Numerous UX and performance improvements

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