Nested experiments, Teams, Slack & calendar sync, CSV export and PDF annotations

Nov 28, 2022

Microsoft Teams & Slack integration

Teams & Slack integration

Colabra notifications can now be integrated with Microsoft Teams and Slack. This feature takes just a few click to set up and allows you to receive updates about specific projects to separate channels in your preferred group chat app.

Calendar sync & CSV export

By popular demand you can now also export any project, experiment and protocol lists to CSV, and even sync them directly to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook!

This is especially useful to have a quick overview of all the deadlines coming up on your project, as well as to generate Gantt charts and conduct other advanced analysis on your research progress.

Nested experiments

You can finally nest experiments, nest experiments, nest experiments... well, you get it. Simply go to an existing experiment and click the + Sub-experiment button or press Tab + C.

More features related to experiment nesting and further UX improvements coming soon!

Note: The Tasks feature will be deprecated in the coming weeks and all your tasks migrated into the new, more powerful sub-experiments.

New blocks

  • NFPA 704 Fire diamond block
  • PDF preview and annotation block
  • Figshare embed

Fixes and improvements

  • Major performance improvements
  • Profile page view with all of the user's experiments
  • Text colour highlighting
  • Experiment start date attribute
  • Storing draft comments if you accidentally close the app
  • Storing version snapshots on every document save
  • Grouping email notifications by experiment/protocol
  • Manage notification settings link in email
  • Added support for alternative spelling in unit search
  • Improved 404 not found and access denited error pages
  • Requiring password confirmation before email change
  • Disabled experiment duplication
  • Expiring invite links after 30 days
  • Redirecting expired invite links to home
  • Block type and equation buttons in formatting menu
  • Stripping EXIF metadata from avatars and workspace thumbnails
  • Fixed block drag & reorder in text editor
  • Fixed inaccurate due dates in Activity log

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