Dependencies, citations, version history, Power BI embeds, and more

Feb 24, 2023

Experiment dependencies


You can now mark individual experiments as related, blocked by, or blocking other experiments. This information will show up in all experiment lists and filtered views, making it easy to identify high-priority blockers risking to delay your research project.

Citation/reference block

Citation block

We've partnered with to make it easy for you to reference research papers and other resources based on their link or DOI number.

Simply type /Citation and enter a DOI link or number. Hover the resulting reference to view its details and Scite authority metrics.

Version history UI

You've long been able to restore experiments to an earlier date by contactingour customer support. Now, you can easily view past snapshots of your work and roll back any experiment right from the Colabra interface.


  • Power BI charts and dashboards
  • Outlook Calendars
  • project management boards

Fixes and improvements

  • Major performance and UX improvements
  • Moved embedded protocols under the experiment summary
  • Removed tasks and milestones in favour of sub-experiments
  • Removed the ability to tag individual images
  • Added a Start date attribute to experiments
  • Enabled slash commands in notes and comments
  • Comment notifications now link directly to the relevant comment
  • FDA CFR Part 11 e-signature comments are no longer editable
  • Requiring to revoke signatures when changing status
  • Added a menu option to revoke all signatures on the experiment
  • Cancelling all pending reviews requests when changing status
  • Profile names no link to the user's profile page
  • Showing a message before re-authenticating user
  • Showing message when there are no collaborators to review experiment
  • Showing a clear error message when an upload fails
  • Improved performance when reordering protocol steps
  • Improved user experience when requesting reviews/signatures
  • Mentioning a user in a protocol now sends them a notification
  • Archived experiments no longer show up in Quick find
  • Added sync retries on intermittent internet connection
  • Limited Pro plan version history to 30 days
  • Added a way to revoke workspace invitations
  • Stripping trailing spaces and line breaks in comments
  • Displaying file sizes in SI units (decimal, not binary)
  • In New experiment modal Ctrl + Enter now creates the experiment
  • Completed/rejected experiments no longer show in My bench
  • Fixed duplicates when inviting the team member user twice
  • Fixed duplicates when requesting review from the same user twice
  • Notification email when a new team member accepts your invitation
  • Image block border now matchs size and rounded corners of image
  • When printing an experiment, showing links in place of embed blocks
  • When printing an experiment, collapsing all PDF blocks

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