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Nov 27, 2023

NLP LLM AI R&D Experiment ELN Search

AI search

We've made significant upgrades to our Advanced Search which now lets you find experiments based on natural language queries such as:

  • Experiments using E.coli as a model organism
  • Experiments doing CRISPR gene editing in yeast
  • Experiments demonstrating the use of bioreactors
  • Experiments applying nanobodies for cancer targeting
  • Experiments utilizing microfluidics for single-cell analysis
  • Experiments on protein structure prediction methods
  • Experiments exploring bio-conjugation in biomolecule synthesis
  • Experiments employing PCR in DNA replication studies
  • Experiments investigating lipid bilayers for drug delivery
  • Experiments using catalysts in biofuel production
  • Experiments focusing on drug molecule synthesis optimization
  • Experiments using nanomaterials for bio-imaging
  • ...

We also added the ability to search for Colabra users in your workspace (they'll appear in the new People tab), and made Advanced Search easier to access with a big new button in the sidebar.

Finally, you'll notice a range of search user experience improvements such as support for Cmd/Ctrl + Click to open list items in a new tab, or the ability to go back to Advanced Search results without having to manually rerun the query.

Experiment attachment and ELN file management

Files tab

We've added a brand new Files tab to the experiment view which lets you view and manage all attachments in the experimental Summary, as well as upload any other, standalone files relevant to the experiment. This is another step towards more advanced file warehouse functionality many of you have asked for. You can expect further improvements including integration with third party storage providers and file upload APIs down the line.

AI Copilot improvements

We continue iterating on our AI Copilot which can now search across all experiments in the workspace, and leverage information about workspace users and their ongoing research. You can also expect significant response speed improvements in the coming weeks.

Email us at [email protected] if your lab is interested in a personalized demo or early access.

Blocks & integrations

  • Improved Slack & Microsoft Teams notifications template.
  • Added file previews for GraphPad Prism files.
  • Added activity log event support to the GitHub & Azure DevOps integrations.
  • Added deep integration with GitLab, including MR mentions, connections and activity log events.
  • Improved our integration with Azure ML.

Fixes and improvements

  • Significantly improved rendering performance of long experiment lists.
  • Quote replies in project and experiment comments.
  • TIFF and HEIC file format support in the image block.
  • Fixed issues related to inviting members to workspaces.
  • Resolved bookmark visibility problems in the sidebar.
  • Improved link styling and behavior in the editor.
  • Resolved autocomplete issues in the user invite form.
  • Fixed Escape key behaviour on popups and dialogs.
  • Disabled email changes and two-factor authentication for SSO users.
  • Simplified the stoichiometry tool interface.
  • Added filtering and display options to project lists.
  • Added a Save as a View button to filtered lists.
  • Corrected the 'No priority' display issue in the Activity Log.

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