Custom properties, status workflows, automations

Dec 20, 2023

Custom experiment attributes metadata

Custom properties

Create custom properties such as Milestone, Crop type, or Plant height for consistent organization. You can then assign them in the sidebar of each experiment.

This more powerful feature replaces Tags which will automatically be converted into properties with the right unit and value.

Custom experiment progress statuses

Status workflow

Workflows define the statuses experiments go through from start to completion. You can now create any number of custom statuses to tailor Colabra to your lab's specific processes and compliance requirements.

Experiment workflow automation

Status automations

You can now also automate the status of your experiment based on review requests, signatures, as well as various events in connected version control systems. For example, set the experiment to Completed when a Pull Request connected to it is merged in GitHub, GitLab. or Azure DevOps.

Got a new automation in mind? Send us your ideas to [email protected]

Fixes and improvements

  • You can now reorder bookmarks in the sidebar.
  • You can now reorder protocols attached to an experiment.
  • Fixed error when deleting multiple files in a short period of time.
  • Updated invite emails template with a new design.
  • Automated GitLab connections and added new activity log events.
  • Corrected sizing icons used in the PDF preview block.
  • Fixed upload snackbar not appearing on failed standalone file upload.
  • Fixed experiment name disappearing when ID deselected from display settings.
  • Fixed Quick find (Ctrl/Cmd + K) not working on some pages.
  • Addressed errors encountered when uploading uncommon file types.

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