AI filters, file gallery, custom roles, audit log and more

Mar 28, 2024

AI-generated project, experiment and file filters

AI-generated filters

Tired of having to make half-a-dozen clicks to find what you need? Now you can describe what you're looking for with natural language, and Colabra's AI will do the work of setting up all the right filters!

For example, you can click the Filter menu, and simply type 'Urgent stuff assigned to me that I'm working on, due next week'. You can even ask it to filter based on custom properties you've defined, such a gene length or drug target.

Project file previews, grouping, filtering and sorting

File gallery and project files

You can now manage all your files at the project level, and flip between list and grid views with beautiful previews. We've also added advanced sorting and filtering options, including the ability to group files by experiment, or by their use case (ex. Microscopy, Sequences, Spectroscopy).

Updates inbox overhaul

With the new unpdates inbox, staying on top of your team's communications has never been easier. We've consolidated all your notifications, messages, and updates in one streamlined interface designed to enhance productivity by reducing clutter and allowing you to focus on the messages that matter most. You can also access updated resources side by side, without leaving your inbox!

Custom roles & permissions

Custom roles and permissions empower you to define and manage who can see and do what, with granular precision. Give team members access to the information they need based on their role, enhancing security and operational efficiency by minimizing errors and unauthorized access.

Audit log

Enterprise customers now have access to a workspace-wide audit log which provides administrators with a detailed, timestamped record of all activities within Colabra. This feature is crucial for compliance and security audits as it tracks user actions, changes made, and access levels, offering complete visibility and accountability across your organization.

Blocks & integrations

  • Protein Atlas AI Copilot data source
  • UniProt AI Copilot data source

Fixes & improvements

  • Added ability to @ mention groups
  • Added custom properties and statuses to Projects
  • Added relative date custom properties
  • Added highlighting and captions to search results
  • Improved TIFF and SVG file support
  • Improved inline table editor
  • Streamlined protocol URLs
  • Major speed and reliability improvements
  • Major natural language search improvements
  • Improved AI Copilot handling of experimental data
  • Added Display menu to View creation page
  • Fixed multi-select in Views and View lists
  • Fixed dependency not being created on comment mention
  • Fixed renaming workspace without changing its slug
  • Fixed GraphPad Prism file previews
  • Fixed wrong working on count in Profile view
  • Fixed menu on embedded YouTube videos

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