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Welcome to Modern Lab โ€” a community for deeptech entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers to share best practices around collaboration and science workflows.

Here's an overview of our space:

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  • Say hello โ€” Introduce yourself and what you're working on.
  • Events & AMAs โ€” Webinars & AMAs with top scientists.

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  • Collaboration โ€” Talk project management and documentation.
  • Automation โ€” Learn to live with our robot overlords.
  • Random โ€” Anything that doesn't fit under other topics.

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  • What's new? โ€” Follow this channel for latest Colabra updates.
  • Ask for help โ€” Get support from the Colabra team and other users.
  • Feature requests โ€” Suggest and vote on future Colabra features.

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