Colabra & Airtable

Bring your Airtable database into your Colabra projects.

Colabra's integration with Airtable allows researchers to easily manage and organize their research data in a flexible and intuitive way, all in one place.

Using Airtable, researchers can create custom databases and tables that match their specific research needs and workflows. The integration allows researchers to embed their Airtable databases with their electronic lab notebook pages, enabling them to easily access, update, and analyze their research data within Colabra.

The Airtable integration also enables researchers to create and share custom views of their data, such as data tables, calendars, and kanban boards.



Just paste in links to your Airtable workspaces to get an instant, live embed. Better yet, you can edit your tables directly within Colabra!

How to use Within a Colabra page, paste in a link to Airtable and watch the embed appear.