Colabra & Microsoft Azure

Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Lighthouse, Azure Arc, Azure VNet, Azure Marketplace

Colabra can be deployed into most Azure Regions and Geographies to support even the strictest data residency requirements.

Colabra can be connected to a customer's Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake and Database for PostrgeSQL hosted on Azure, providing a seamless integration with the customer's existing infrastructure.

Furthermore, Colabra supports various deployment models:

  • Multi-tenant deployment in Colabra’s tenant
  • Single-tenant deployment in Colabra’s tenant
  • Database and Storage in customer’s tenant, application in Colabra’s tenant
  • Customer tenant deployment fully managed by Colabra.

Upon special request, custom deployment into an on-premises/private cloud is possible, subject to technical feasibility evaluation.

For more details, get in touch with our support team at [email protected]