Colabra & GitLab

Bring your code to your experimental notes.

Colabra's integration with GitLab allows for smooth collaboration between wet lab and computational teams working on the same projects.

By linking individual experiments to GitLab Merge Requests, teams can centralize all experimental data, connect all relevant conversations, and automate status updates.

Furthermore, the GitLab CI/CD integration can be used to automate tasks such as running simulations and analyzing data based on events inside and outside of Colabra. This enables wet lab and computational teams to work in parallel, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.


Your code is more powerful when it's not siloed from your experimental notes.

With Colabra's GitLab integration, you can access your files, issues and technical docs alongside your lab notebook.


Stay on top of Issues and Merge Requests with link unfurling. Hovering over the links will show more details, including the status, date created, assignee, and issue description!

How to use After an admin installs the integration, paste a link to a GitLab Issue or Merge Request into a Colabra page and watch the issue or MR unfurl.


Some features of this integration require admin installation. For more details on setting up the integration, check out our Help Center article, or get in touch with our support team!

Questions? [email protected]