Colabra & Monday

Embed Monday project management boards in your project and experiment summaries.

Colabra's integration with allows research teams to easily embed organizational project management boards directly within their scientific electronic lab notebook.



Just paste in links to your Monday boards to get an instant, live embed.

How to use Within a Colabra page, paste in a link to a Monday deck and watch the embed appear.

How to embed your Monday board or view

Embed codes can only be generated by board owners.

Simply click on the three-dot menu located to the right of your board or view name, and select Share from the drop-down menu.

Sharing a board

Copy the Sharing link and paste it in a Colabra experiment. embed sharing link

Note that with the HIPAA feature enabled on the Enterprise plan, sharing boards or views is not possible to prevent the unintended release of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Mirrored items will also not appear in a shared board view, and subitem data will only be displayed in a shared view if you have enabled the Show Summary on Parent Item setting on a specific subitem column.

Finally any files located on a Files Columns will not be visible or downloadable within the embed.