Colabra & Power BI

Create custom dashboards for a clear view of your research progress.



Generate a secure embed code for Website or portal in Microsoft Power BI, copy the link or snippet and paste it into a Colabra page to get an instant, live embed.

How to use Within a Colabra page, paste in a Power BI secure embed link and watch the embed appear.

How to embed your Power BI visualization

Open a report in the Power BI service. In the File menu, select Embed report -> Website or portal.

Power BI embed report

In the Secure embed code dialog, copy the sharing link and past it in your Colabra experiment.

Power BI embed link

Visualize research progress

Channel all your data into Power BI to create custom dashboards that provide a clear and comprehensive view of your research progress across teams, projects and experiments.

How to use Connect to your Colabra Cube Cloud Connector to access and visualize any events in your research workspace.


Some features of this integration require admin installation. For more details on setting up the integration, get in touch with our support team!

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