Colabra & Slack

Sync your documentation and communication workflows.

Colabra's seamless integration with Slack allows research and development teams to communicate and collaborate effectively in real-time.

By syncing communication between Colabra and Slack, teams can streamline their workflow, improve decision-making and reduce delays. New team members can quickly get up-to-speed, and feedback loops are shortened, allowing for faster R&D and greater reproducibility.

The integration enables teams to share experimental data, collaborate on research projects and stay updated on the latest developments in real-time. This leads to increased productivity, better coordination and improved overall performance.


Good documentation and good communication go hand-in-hand. With Colabra's Slack integration, we're bringing all of your most important knowledge to your most important communication tool.


No more bouncing back and forth to find the context you need! You can access your Colabra projects and experiments right from within Slack.

How to use After an admin installs the integration, hit /colabra search within Slack to search your experiments and share the results to a Slack channel.


Something on your mind? You can create a new experiments with a single command.

How to use After an admin installs the integration, hit /colabra create [experiment name] within Slack to create a new experiment.


Stay in the loop and on top of updates with customizable Slack notifications for project updates, mentions, comments, and new experiments.

How to use After an admin installs the integration, go to Settings → Notifications to customize your Slack notifications.


Save time and get new users set up instantaneously! Teammates can quickly log into Colabra with Slack's single sign-on (SSO).

How to use Within Colabra, admins can go to Settings → Authentication → SSO providers to enable Slack SSO.


Some features of this integration require admin installation. For more details on setting up the integration, get in touch with our support team!

Questions? [email protected]