Colabra & AGU

Hardware data collection solution.

AGU Planungsgesellschaft mbH provides a unique software system called Sm@rtline Data Cockpit (SDC) that allows the use of sensors and analyzers for the collection, review, and approval of trial results in laboratories.

Sm@rtline Data Cockpit integrates data between laboratory information management systems (LIMS), manufacturing execution systems (MES), distributed control systems (DCS), and instrument sensors and analyzers. SDC automates the instrument interface, data processing, and systems approval process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving the quality, reducing costs, and shortening the length of discovery for many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world and the BIO-API industry.

AGU's solutions allow Colabra users to unify their BIO-API data with the rest of their experimental data and scientific workflows. Our partnership allows labs to knock down data silos and fully capitalize on the power of AI and data science.