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The Human Protein Atlas

Proteins are the central catalytic and structural components of cells, and ultimately are at the center of cellular function. Certain proteins are the agents of disease, some are potentially diagnostic. Dr. Mathias Uhlen describes the Human Protein Atlas, a massive project that defines where individual proteins are present. By knowing their locations we can better understand their roles, and potentially identify effective drug targets for disease.

Jun 4, 2022 by Dr. Kevin Folta in Talking Biotech

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Proteins define the structure and function of cells. The human genome encodes tens of thousands of proteins, yet we know surprisingly little about most of their functions. The Human Protein Atlas uses labor-intensive methods to identify the tissue localization of a significant catalog of human proteins. The reasoning is that if we know where a protein is expressed, we can begin to infer roles in cellular processes. The Human Protein Atlas is an open source resource of over 15 million images that define where different proteins are located. This week's podcast discusses the Atlas with Dr. Mathias Uhlen of the University of Stockholm. We speak about the origins of the database, how the work is done, and potential applications of this incredible resource.


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