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Biotech Fetal Diagnostics - Daniel Weisman

How is biotechnology used to make predictions about fetal health conditions? Modern techniques can analyze DNA without invasive sampling, and a lot may be learned about fetal health from a mother's blood test. Board certified genetic counselor Daniel Weisman of the University of Florida describes the amazing new molecular techniques that can diagnose potential fetal/neonate risks in the fetus or parents. Such tests allow for better family planning and addressing neonate needs at birth and in the subsequent time.

Jan 7, 2023 by Dr. Kevin Folta in Talking Biotech

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If a genetic disorder can be detected in the developing fetus, it provides families and physicians vital information that can guide important decisions. From family planning to medical intervention, new molecular techniques are being employed to detect potential anomalies as early as 10 weeks after conception. The modern genetic counselor is an expert at communicating the results of these tests, building trust to advise decisions that benefit the parents and the child.


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