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Stopping Long-Term Disease by Arresting Aging - Dr. Eric Morgen

Aging is a normal developmental program that involves discrete expression of specific genes leading to particular physiological changes. There is growing evidence that many types of long term disease, like certain cancers or neurodegenerative disorders, are not just happening in old age, they are caused by old age-- specific changes that induce a state where these problems may manifest. If aging has a discrete biological program, can that serve as a target for therapeutic intervention, to block aging as the first step in preventing age-related disease? Dr. Eric Morgan of BioAge describes the concepts of healthspan vs lifespan, and discusses the concept of aging as a gateway to disease, along with potential therapeutics that could slow the process.

Jan 21, 2023 by Dr. Kevin Folta in Talking Biotech

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The mythical Fountain of Youth may be an actual component of our physiology. Aging is not simply the body breaking down against the calendar, it is a coordinated series of molecular/biochemical changes that occur with time. There is an active hypothesis that later-life medical issues are not just happening as we age, but are actually caused by aging, meaning there are potential drug targets that may slow the process. BioAge performed -omics level analysis on populations of aging individuals, revealing patterns of proteins and metabolites that may be causal components of the aging process. New therapeutics seek to target aspects of human senescence, potentially delaying the onset of late-life disease. Dr. Eric Morgen of BioAge describes how his company has used a novel approach to identify new compounds that may play eventual roles in slowing the aging process.


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